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Use our BLOG to keep Members, Family and Friends in touch.  We will be pleased to publish your 'special occasions' and other 'items of interest'.

The newest NEWS items show up at the top and all Members and Visitors to the website can read the items posted. It is also possible to 'link' the 'posts' to Facebook and Twitter, by clicking on the icons.

Anyone can leave a 'comment' if they wish, but to ensure our site is not subjected to undesirable SPAM, all comments will be moderated prior to them appearing on the site.

A Member wishing to share a news item with us, can submit the content via the ‘contact form’ on our Contact Us page - select the 'Blog/News' category and submit. Alternatively, an email can be sent to




Example of a Blog/News Post:

We are pleased to announce that John and Joanna Johnson are celebrating their 60thWedding Anniversary on (date). Members of LAMs send congratulations and best wishes.

Example Comment:

Have a great time on your special day. What an achievement.

Best wishes from Flossie Faversham and Family.