Newsletter - Spring Edition 2017

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 Spring Edition  2017


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3rd May 2017

 AGM – followed by Luncheon

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Welcome to the 2nd Edition of our Newsletter

Our aim is to keep members informed about our activities so please take a copy of this newsletter to members who are unable to attend our coffee mornings and lunches.

Now that it’s spring time I can reflect on my year in the chair and invite you to read about some of the events we have shared together during the autumn and winter months.

I extend my thanks to members of the committee who work tirelessly to ensure that all continues to go well and ask that you think about speakers or visits you would like to enjoy in the future. We have a suggestion box so let us know.

Chris Ludford-Thomas 



Northampton LAMs were keen to commemorate the Provincial Tercentenary marking 300years of Freemasonry in 2017. We decided to do what we do best and mark this momentous occasion by enhancing Freemason’s hall, Sheaf Close. After lengthy deliberations it was agreed to add picture mirrors, the symbol of reflection, to the William Griggs Dining room.

                                        WE THINK THEY LOOK STUNNING




Recent Events we have enjoyed together

October Luncheon - Votes for Women

Votes for women began as a peaceful movement THE SUFFRAGISTS in the late 19th Century. This evolved into the SUFFRAGETTES at the beginning of the 20th Century under the leadership of the Pankhursts and became a protest movement. Many of their demonstrations are remembered today i.e. stone throwing, tying themselves to railings, the tragic death of Emily Davidson who fell under the King’s horse at the Derby and of course the horrors of force feeding of those imprisoned. These were all detailed by Tricia Thompson reminding us of the struggle to gain votes for women.  New Zealand and Australia had achieved this at the beginning of the 20th Century so it is surprising that in this country it was introduced in stages and universal suffrage only became law in 1928.

Whilst Nancy Astor became the first female MP in 1919 and there were some notable female cabinet members, it took until 1979 before Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister. Today Teresa May follows in her footsteps and yet there are still only 191 women in the present parliament and the percentage of women who fail to vote is shocking.  SO LADIES THE FIGHT GOES ON!!



The Bazaar in November raised £430

The Luncheon in December was enhanced by the joyous singing of the Year 6 Chamber Choir from the High School conducted by Kate Miller.




February Friends and Family Luncheon was well attended. Thank you to all who made this such a happy occasion.