As a Member you are entitled to attend all functions and events, but it is not a requirement that you do so. Your membership is equally valued if you are not able, or choose not, to attend in person. Our annual subscription is modest, at only £20.00. You can invite ‘guests’, who are not connected with Freemasonry, to attend events and outings, where space allows. You will receive a Programme of Events to keep you informed.  Updates and news items will be made available via this website.  


You are eligible for full LAMs membership if you are the wife, partner, widow, daughter, mother or sister of a Freemason in membership of a Lodge.


As detailed on our 'Home' page - there are numerous opportunities to socialise and raise funds. Members enjoy meeting regularly at monthly coffee mornings where themed raffles are held. Luncheons are scheduled throughout the year complete with guest speakers or entertainment. We always like to celebrate Christmas and our ‘Annual Family and Friends' Luncheon’ is a very popular event indeed. Outings are organised frequently, together with visits to the theatre. Other ad hoc events provide a variety of opportunities to socialise and raise funds.  Members are encouraged to suggest events and activities.

Membership of LAMs engenders a great sense of fellowship and purpose and all new Members are made most welcome. It is a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends, but there is no requirement to attend a minimum number of meetings, functions or events during any year. You will not be put under any pressure to do so. 

So why not join us today – it is a worthwhile decision that you will not regret taking. We look forward to welcoming you as a Member.