Friends of LAMs


Apply to become a 'Friend' of LAMs

Especially for those ladies who would like to become associated with Northampton LAMs in their own right, but are not eligible to join as 'full' Members we created our popular 'Friends' category.

Applicants must be proposed and seconded by Full Members and may attend all social events and functions in their own right.        

·     Friends of LAMs, will retain their membership for life.

·     Friends do NOT carry voting rights nor are they eligible for Committee Membership.

The Friends of LAMs category of membership is restricted to a percentage of the full membership at any given time.


A subscription Fee of £20.00 will be paid similarly by Friends of LAMs, and Friends who have not renewed their subscription by the last day of June in each year will automatically cease to be a Friend and will need to re-apply.

Our 'Friends' enjoy all the benefits of full membership and are welcome to apply.