Little Bleeders - Charity Cheque presentation

April 2017 - Coffee Morning

Northampton LAMs - Charity Cheque Presentation


During the year 2016/2017, Northampton LAMs Members raised funds to support our Chairman's chosen charity LITTLE BLEEDERS.     

The parents of Alex Dowsett, the founder of Little Bleeders, attended the April Coffee Morning to receive a cheque for the sum of £1,000.  Will Woan (a Director of the Charity) detailed the work that is being undertaken to support young people, raise awareness, recruit ambassadors, and promote the message that despite having a blood disorder, young people do, and should, take part in appropriate sporting activities. 

Jan and Phil Dowsett answered questions from the membership about the difficulties and practicalities of raising a child suffering from haemophilia.  I am sure, like me, everyone listening to their account found it very moving.   

Haemophilia is a genetic blood disorder that prevents the blood from clotting properly. Bleeding is uncontrolled, often spontaneous and in different areas of the body. The amount of bleeding depends on the severity of haemophilia. Internal bleeding, which commonly occurs in the spaces around joints, frequently results in pain and swelling. If left untreated, it can cause permanent damage. Worldwide, about one in every 5,000 boys will be born with haemophilia A, and one in every 30,000 boys will be born with haemophilia B.

Alex Dowsett is a British professional racing cyclist who rides for UCI ProTeam Movistar Team.  Achievement indeed against the considerable odds stacked against him.


Jan Dowsett is pictured below, with our Chairman - Chris Ludford-Thomas, who presented the cheque on behalf of the Membership.