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We welcome your feedback. Tell us what you think about our WEBSITE and BLOG. You can comment by completing the 'Comment' box below. Your comment will appear on the page for others to view, following moderation.

Our BLOG is an ideal way for Members to keep in touch, as it enables us to communicate NEWS items on an ongoing basis.  In keeping with other Blogs, it is also possible to 'link' the 'posts' to Facebook and Twitter, by clicking on the icons.

The Committee will post/publish items on our Blog on a regular basis, to keep everyone informed about upcoming events and other matters of interest.


Pat Greenwood
04 September 2013  |  15:56

very impressive web site. You are very clever Lynne. Will keep an eye on it.

Chris Ludford-Thomas
11 September 2013  |  15:47

The website is easy to use & will help us improve our IT skills
Thanks Lynne Well done