LAMs Summer Outing [2019]



LAMs Summer Outing – Althorp House – 17 July 2019


The weather was just right for this lovely afternoon out at Althorp House, the beautiful and unique home of the Spencer Family, dating back 500 years and currently under the direction of Charles, the Ninth Earl Spencer.

We travelled to Althorp on an old, red, double decker bus, courtesy of David and Sue Cooper – its ambiance a fitting reminder of times past.

 Access to the House itself enabled us to tour the State Rooms in a ‘free-flow’ pattern. This approach enables guests to move around at their own pace and more casually, but the lack of a guided tour in no way diminishes the experience as there are knowledgeable members of staff based in the key rooms, all of whom were delighted to talk to us. In fact, the staff members at Althorp, ranging from the younger to not so young, were extremely helpful and welcoming.

 Many of us took the opportunity to walk down to the lake which is the final resting place of Diana, Princess of Wales. This is a very tranquil place and there is a stillness about it which is tangible.  Walking to and from the lake you cannot fail to admire the beautiful Estate scenery and the many and varied trees along the way.

During our visit, we enjoyed a ‘cream tea’ at the Stables Cafe, sitting outside in the mild weather, where we also had an opportunity to view two exhibitions – The History of the Spencer Family and Animals of Althorp.  Of course, a visit to Althorp would not be complete without a visit to the Gift Shop, before we departed on our red bus heading for home. All in all, whether it is your first visit to Althorp House, or just one of many, it is always a pleasure to visit this unique gem nestling in the Northamptonshire countryside.

Here are some photos from the outing: