50th Anniversary Celebrations


Northampton LAMs

50 Years Anniversary Celebrations - 2023


2023 was an incredibly special year for Members and Friends of Northampton Lady Associate Members.  We marked our 50th Anniversary year by engaging in some fun activities and by reflecting on the changes experienced over the last 50 years.

How it all began

Back in 1973 a group of like-minded ladies came together to form Northampton LAMs and fifty years later we are still going strong.  Many of the inaugural members are, sadly, no longer with us, but their legacy lives on and we do our best to ensure their values and hopes for the organisation are neither forgotten nor diminished by time.

What started out as a simple social club, which provided an opportunity for family members of Masons to meet regularly, steadily grew and flourished.  Companionship and shared interests were the drivers in those early years. Later, with more and more members joining, Northampton LAMs took the form of a ‘not for profit’ organisation.  During those initial years, the Constitution was formed, objectives were set, and officers appointed.

Constitutionally, the main objective of Northampton LAMs was to arrange social activities for its membership and through this objective to raise funds towards the upkeep and maintenance of Freemasons’ Hall, Northampton.  This objective has withstood the test of time, as it remains our main objective today.  In addition to this, a proportion of monies raised by Members is still donated to outside charities and deserving causes.

During our 50 years, we are proud to have accomplished so much and provided funds to enhance and enrich the Northampton Hall premises, supporting Masons in the good works they do.

Helping to change lives

Throughout our history, we have championed a wide variety of charitable causes, our second constitutional objective.  We chose charities that were dear to our hearts and locally based, where possible.  We have listened to many representatives of those charities over the years and are proud to have helped deliver meaningful change to people’s lives.

The road ahead

Of course, whilst we were excited to look back and celebrate those 50 years, our imperative now must be to look forward.  We are determined to maintain, and build upon, our past achievements.  To do this, we will welcome new members to join us on our journey and help shape the next 50 years.


Here are some images from our 50th Anniversary Lunch, celebrated at Freemasons' Hall,

on Sunday, 17 September 2023



Cutting the 50th Anniversary Cake:

RWBro Mark Constant PGM and Mrs Barbara Freeman, Past Chair Northampton LAMs



Principal Guests featured, from left to right:

Mrs Julia Sparks, WBro Kevin Foreman PGASec, Mrs Beverley Foreman, WBro William Diggins PGSec, Mrs Dawn Constant, RWBro Mark Constant PGM, Mrs Lynne Clayton, Chair Northampton LAMs, Mrs Barbara Bayes, RWBro Max Bayes PPGM, Mrs Pat Parsonson, President Northampton LAMs, WBro Paul Sparks PGT