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Fund Raising

The main objective of our organisation is to arrange social activities for our Members and to raise funds towards the upkeep, maintenance and enhancement of the Freemasons’ Hall, Northampton. 



LAMs Members are delighted to support, not just Northampton Masons and the good work(s) they accomplish, but our own, carefully selected charitable causes as well. Some examples of supported charities are:

Air Ambulance

Local Hospice



Save the Children

Parkinson’s UK


Pete Spencer's Helping Hands Memorial Fund


Alzheimer's Society

Teddies for Loving Care

KidsAid - a local charity which provides therapy to help traumatised children

Little Bleeders - supporting young haemophiliacs in sport

Crazy Hats - supporting Breast Cancer Care in Northamptonshire

Parkinson's UK - research into Dementia with Lewy bodies

Northamptonshire Sands - Stillbirth and Neonatal Death (current charity)