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Northampton LAMs Constitution


The main objective of the Northampton Lady Associate Members (hereafter referred to as LAMs) is to arrange social activities for its Membership and through this main objective to raise funds towards the up keep and maintenance of the Freemasons’ Hall, Northampton. A proportion of the monies raised may bedonated to outside charities and deserving causes, at the discretion of theCommittee.



A General Meeting of the LAMs Membership must be held in order to ratify the rules, and the Membership must agree any proposed amendments to those rules. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be convened if the Committee, and 33% of the Membership, deem it necessary. The Secretary must be informed as to the reasons such a meeting is requested. 

The President (or Chairman in her absence/at her request) will preside at all Annual and General Meetings.

If the Secretary receives a request for an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Membership she will immediately inform the Chairman. Within twenty one days of receiving such a request, the Committee will prepare an agenda for the General Meeting and inform all Members in writing of the date, time, venue and purpose of the General Meeting twenty eight days before the date of that meeting.

Only fully paid up Members are eligible to vote at meetings. A proposition will only be carried by a majority vote in favour and cast by those Members present.

Voting will usually be by paper ballot, although the President/Chairman may at her discretion decide that voting will be on a show of hands. Ballot papers will be given to all fully paid up Members prior to, or at, the meeting. Tellers will be appointed prior to the meeting.  Proxy voting is not permitted.

The Constitution will be subject to review annually at the Annual General Meeting.

Membership Qualifications/Application and Entitlement


Full Membership of LAMs – at the time of joining, Applicants must be:

·        Wife,Partner, Widow, Daughter, Mother, Sister - of a Freemason in membership of a Lodge.

Friends of LAMs – Applicants must be proposed and seconded by Full Members and may attend all social events and functions in their own right.        

Guests – may be invited, by Full Members only, to attend social events and functions where space permits.

·     Full Members, and Friends of LAMs, will retain their membership for life.

·     Full Members only carry voting rights and are eligible for Committee Membership.

The Secretary will receive all submissions for membership. Prospective Members and Friends of LAMs should contact the Secretary for an Application Form or apply directly via the website.

The Friends of LAMs category of membership will be no greater than 15% of the Full Membership at any given time.


Subscription Fees will be paid by Full Members and Friends of LAMs. Subscriptions will be reviewed annually, agreed by the Committee and submitted to the Membership at the Annual General Meeting for approval. 

Full Members, and Friends of LAMs, who have not renewed their subscription by the last day of June in each year will automatically cease to be a Member or Friend and will need to re-apply.


Management of the LAMs will be the responsibility of a Committee consisting of four Officers, together with, at least, six other Members (to a maximum of twelve in total) approved and elected at the Annual General Meeting held in May of each year.

The Officers of the Committee are designated as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. They will be selected by the Committee in April each year and submitted to the Annual General Meeting for approval. Committee Members cannot be selected for any Office until they have served a minimum of one year on the Committee.

The role of the Chairman is to represent the Membership and to ensure that the Committee and the Membership are kept informed of all relevant matters. Having been approved at the Annual General Meeting, the Chairman will serve for a maximum of one year in office, in any two year continuous period, and will be responsible for conducting the business of the Committee, ensuring that all items affecting the Membership are discussed at properly convened meetings. 

The Vice Chairman is expected to advance to the office of Chairman after one year in Office, unless alternative arrangements are sanctioned by the Committee.

Nominations for Committee membership must be submitted on the appropriate form available from the Secretary. The forms must be returned to the Secretary, duly completed by the Candidate, her Proposer and Seconder, twenty one days before the date of the Annual General Meeting. Candidates, Proposers and Seconders must be fully paid up Members. If for any reason a vacancy occurs ‘in year’, the Committee may co-opt a Member from the current Membership to serve for the remainder of that year, but that Member would be required to be nominated for Committee membership at the end of the designated period, should she wish to remain on the Committee.

Serving Committee Members must put themselves forward for re-election at the end of any five year period in office and complete the nomination process if they wish to re-apply.  

Regularly scheduled Committee meetings will be held (as and when required) and may proceed provided either the Chairman or Vice Chairman is present, together with the Secretary or Assistant Secretary and sufficient other Committee Members to form a quorum, ie 50% of the Committee membership.

Committee Members are expected to attend all meetings and any Committee Member who has attended less than 50% of the regular meetings must not submit herself for re-election at the Annual General Meeting unless there are mitigating circumstances.

There will be a written agenda at every meeting to cover the business to be transacted. The Secretary will keep an accurate record of all proceedings in ‘minute’ form and will agree the dates, times and venues of meetings with the Officers and Committee Members.

All communications in respect of business should be addressed, in writing, to the Secretary, in the first instance. The Secretary is responsible for ensuring that all communications are dealt with by the Committee without undue delay.


Accounts must be kept by the Treasurer to show all financial transactions. The Financial Year begins on April 1st ending on March 31st in any one year, unless the Treasurer needs to alter the dates, when the Membership will be notified accordingly.

There will be three designated Signatories for the accounts, one of whom must be theTreasurer. Signatories will be appointed by the Committee. Two signatures will be required on cheques and similar bank transactions. The Treasurer will be required to approve all expenditure and payments. 

Designated personnel will be required to produce accounts of monies received from Members and pass them to the Treasurer for inclusion in the main accounts.

Auditors/Examiners will be required to examine the ‘end of year’ accounts and will comprise of two independent persons. LAMs Full Members, proposed and seconded by Full Members, may act as Auditors/Examiners. Committee Members may not act as Auditors/Examiners. The Treasurer is responsible for appointing Auditors/Examiners. 

The Membership will be required to approve/adopt the ‘end of year’ accounts at the Annual General Meeting. Individual copies of the audited/examined accounts will be made available to Members upon request.


The Committee will communicate with designated Masonic Personnel, as and when required or desirable, throughout the year on matters of mutual interest and in relation to the utilisation of the Freemasons’ Hall, Northampton, for LAMs meetings and events.


Signatories approving the updated Constitution in year (comprise):     

 President (Joy Roblin) and Chairman (Gill Bott - 2013)              

 Date: Last updated at AGM - May 2013

Northampton Lady Associate Members is a 'not for profit' organisation.